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U.S. consumers want protein raised with the same natural health supplements humans use Cargill
Cargill brings facial recognition capability to farmers through strategic equity investment in Cainthus Cargill
Cargill began in 1865 as a single grain storehouse in Conover, Iowa. Cargill
Today Cargill is a global supplier of food, agricultural and risk management products and services with 153,000 employees in 66 countries. Cargill
Cargill is one of the world’s largest agribusiness and trading companies. Cargill
Cargill currently has 76 business units organized in five broad areas: agriculture services, food ingredients and applications, industrial products, commodity trading and processing, and financial and risk management services. Cargill
Cargill handles a quarter of all U.S. grain exports, produces more than 20 percent of U.S. beef and pork (EXCEL), ships more than 6 million tons of sugar a year, and is a world leader in cocoa and chocolate (Gerkens, Wilbur, Peter’s). Cargill
Descendants of the MacMillan and Cargill families hold slightly more than 90 percent of the company with the rest held by management and employees, the company says. Cargill
Cargill is one of North America’s largest physical shippers of natural gas and electric power. Cargill
Cargill supplies 22% of domestic US meat and 25% of grain exports. Cargill
Standard & Poor’s and Fitch have both given the company A2 rating. Cargill
Long known as a merchant of commodities, by the early 1990s Cargill had become one of the largest diversified services companies in the country. Cargill
William Wallace Cargill began his career in the grain business in 1865 in Conover, Iowa. Cargill
The business grew as it followed the expansion of the railroad into northern Iowa after the Civil War. Cargill
In 1875 William Cargill moved the headquarters of his company to La Crosse, Wisconsin. Cargill
William Cargill formed several different partnerships with his brothers, Samuel and James. Cargill
With Samuel he formed W. W. Cargill and Brother in 1867, which became the W. W. Cargill Company in 1892. Cargill
James Cargill operated in the Red River Valley in North Dakota and Minnesota with a partner, John D. McMillan. Cargill
In 1882 the partners sold their Red River Valley grain elevators to William Cargill in order to raise more capital. Cargill
In 1888, James, William, and Sam Cargill formed Cargill Brothers. Cargill
In 1890 this firm became the Cargill Elevator Company, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Cargill
When brokers from Albany, New York, began to open offices in the Midwest, bypassing Cargill as a middleman, Cargill opened an office in New York in 1922. Cargill
In 1929 Cargill opened a permanent office in Argentina to secure immediate information on Latin American wheat prices. Cargill
In 1930 the Cargill Elevator Company became Cargill Inc. Cargill
John MacMillan, Jr., became president of Cargill in 1936. Cargill
In 1895 William W. Cargill’s daughter married John Hugh MacMillan, and later his son William S. Cargill also married a MacMillan. Cargill
When the elder Cargill died in 1909, John Hugh MacMillan forced out William S. Cargill and took control of the company. Cargill
John MacMillan ran the company until 1936, leading the company through a difficult period after the struggle for power; not until 1916 was its financial situation completely secure. Cargill
MacMillan was a cautious manager who established the rule that the company would not speculate in commodities, a careful policy that helped establish the company’s reputation in banking circles—an important consideration since the large deals that became Cargill
In 1945 Cargill purchased Nutrena, an animal-feed producer, thereby doubling its capacity in poultry and animal feeds. Cargill
By 1949, Cargill had made a major entry into soybean processing, and its researchers were already exploring the value of safflower and sunflower oil. Cargill
Cargill processes beef, poultry, value-added meats and egg products to food makers, food service companies and food retailers. Cargill
Cargill has significant operations in the US & Canada, Central America, China & Southeast Asia and the UK. Cargill
Cargill has around 24,000 employees across the world serving food and beverage manufacturers, foodservice companies and retailers with food ingredients as well as food and non-food applications. Cargill
Cargill’s charitable giving in fiscal year 2017 was $54.7 million across 54 countries to advance programs that make a difference Cargill
Cargill serves food manufacturers, foodservice companies and retailers with high-quality food and beverage ingredients, applications and services. Cargill
Cargill provides raw materials for animal nutrition and industrial applications. Cargill
Cargill offers a full range of meat and poultry products to food companies and retailers. Cargill
Cargill connects producers and users of grain, oilseeds and other agricultural commodities through origination, processing, marketing, risk management and distribution. Cargill
Cargill is proud to partner with McDonalds Corp to supply eggs that help them deliver on their commitment to source 100% cage-free eggs by 2025 (@Cargill) Poultry