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Antegra Corn: Remember – the highest the Dec contract has been in nearly a year happened during a crop report! Grain Network
CROP PROGRESS: 97% of the corn in the U.S. had been planted by June 3rd, compared to 92% last week and 95% last year Corn
CORN ACREAGE: Corn planted area for all purposes in 2018 is estimated at 89.1 million acres, down 1 percent from last year Corn
CORN ACREAGE: Compared with last year, planted acres are down or unchanged in 31 of the 48 estimating States Corn
CORN ACREAGE: Area harvested for grain, at 81.8 million acres, is down 1 percent from last year Corn
SOYBEAN ACREAGE: Soybean planted area for 2018 is estimated at 89.6 million acres, down 1 percent from last yea Soybeans
SOYBEAN ACREAGE: Compared with last year, planted acreage is down or unchanged in 14 of the 31 estimating States Soybeans
The U.S. is the largest corn producer (35.9%) globally, followed by China (20.9%); Brazil (8.1%); European Union (6.0%); Argentina (3.2%) and Mexico (2.6%) Corn
The U.S. exports 40.5% of total corn exports ahead of Brazil (17.3%); Argentina (15.9%) and the Ukraine (13.0%) Corn
The European Union (12.3%) and Mexico (11.1%) are the two largest corn importers followed by Japan (10.4%); South Korea (6.7%) and Egypt (6.4%) Corn
The U.S. and Brazil dominate global soybean production with each producing 35.5% of global production followed by Argentina (11.0%); China (4.2%) and Paraguay (3.0%) Grain Network
Brazil exports 49.0% of total soybean exports, followed the U.S. (37.3%), Paraguay (4.1%); and Argentina (2.0%) Grain Network
China accounts for a whopping 62.9% of global soybean imports, followed by the European Union (9.1%) as well as Mexico (3.0%); Argentina (2.4%) and Japan (2.1%) Grain Network
CROP PROGRESS: 96% of the corn in the U.S. had matured by October 14th, compared to 93% last week and 89% last year Corn
Some Iowa farmers, many corn growers, got less than $25. "The corn payments are a joke. Someone at USDA made a mistake" (@USAToday) Corn
EPA says it is committed to rule for higher ethanol blend by summer driving season (@Reuters) Corn
U.S. soybeans Ok'ed for EU biodiesel (@FarmFutures) Soybeans
China's pig population is shrinking, and that's bad news for American soybean farmers (@WSJ) Soybeans
Corn Controversy: After offensive anti-corn Superbowl Ad Bud Light emailed the NCGA "looking to make it right" and asking for a meeting, according to Neil Caskey w/ the NCGA. Money
WHEAT ACREAGE: All wheat planted area for 2018 is estimated at 47.8 million acres, up 4 percent from 2017 Wheat
The European Union is the largest wheat producer with 20% of total world wheat production, followed by China (17.1%); India (1%); Russia (11.2%) and the U.S. (6.2%) Grain Network
Russia accounts for 22.5% of global wheat exports, ahead of the U.S. with 13.5%; European Union (12.8%); Canada (12.5%) and the Ukraine (9.6%) Grain Network
Wheat exports are widespread; the biggest wheat importing countries are Brazil, the European Union, U.S. and China each accounting for two to four percent of global wheat imports Grain Network
Major wheat importing regions include North Africa (15.1%); Southeast Asia (14.6%); and the Middle East (10.1%) Grain Network
Trade war entices farmers to switch acres to corn (@FarmFutures) Corn