International Weather and Crop Summary

EUROPE: Warm and wet weather maintained favorable conditions for overwintering crops across much of the continent.

MIDDLE EAST: Widespread rain and mountain snow continued over western and central portions of the region.

NORTHWESTERN AFRICA: Additional light showers maintained good moisture supplies for vegetative winter grains in eastern growing areas, while dry weather returned to Morocco.

SOUTHEAST ASIA: A return to more seasonable rainfall in the Philippines eased excessive wetness somewhat.

AUSTRALIA: Sunny skies spurred summer crop development and helped maintain good to excellent crop prospects.

SOUTH AFRICA: Widespread showers benefited corn and other rain-fed summer crops.

ARGENTINA: Heavy rain returned to key summer grain, oilseed, and cotton areas.

BRAZIL: Locally heavy showers benefited immature corn and soybeans while providing timely moisture for germinating second-season summer crops.