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CME LIVESTOCK:  Live Cattle: $98.80 (-0.85); Feeder Cattle: $136.725 (-0.325); Hogs: $49.925 (-1.35); Milk: $20.14 (-0.57)   Tue  1:20 pm)

CME GRAINS:   Corn: $3.26 (-2.75); Soybeans: $8.78 (+4.00); Wheat: $5.2675 (+2.00)    (Tue  1:20 pm)

STOCK FLASH:   Dow 30: 26,642.59 (+556.79); Nasdaq: 10,497.13 (+106.29); S&P 500: 3,199.72 (+44.50)   (Tue  3:00 pm)

MEATBOARD:    Boxed Beef Choice: $200.92 (-2.34); Pork Carcass: $66.24 (-1.28); Chicken Breast: $111.02 (-0.20)    (Tue pm)

BOXED BEEF  Choice: $200.92 (-2.34); Select: $190.85 (-1.03); Ch/Se Spread: $10.07 (-1.21); Total Loads: 147 compared to 119 on Monday    (Tue pm)

Retail ground beef prices up 28 cents, highest on record

Retail ground beef prices in June 2020 were at $4.74/lb., up 28 cents from the month prior and up 93 cents from the same time last year.    This is the highest price on record.  Retail ground beef prices have averaged $4.15 so far in 2020.


--Choice boxes were $1.24 lower, and Select boxes fell another $2.41. Choice ribs were quoted at $330.62, which is a $21.72 premium to Select ribs. Select briskets were a $4.18 premium to Choice, at $163.82 and $159.64 respectively (Barchart LC)    

--USDA’s ARS’s Cattle Heat Stress shows this week’s stress level in emergency from TX through northern MO. Most of NE and a bit of SD is also in the danger to emergency range. The forecast for the week through Saturday shows emergency stress levels for IA cattle as well (Barchart LC)    

--Much like corn, soybeans pressured by what was seen as beneficial rains over the weekend. Export sales falling towards the lower end of the expected range at 17.8 and lower than the 20.6 last week (Agtegra)    

--Weekend precip was seen as favorable over the weekend pressured the corn market as we start to move into the critical pollination phase (Agtegra)  

U.S. CATTLE WEATHER REPORT:  Dangerous Heat Lingers in Southern U.S. And Severe Thunderstorms In The Central U.S.

Heat advisories and excessive heat warnings persist across the Southern U.S. today, including the Dallas, Houston and New Orleans metro areas. Dangerous heat indices with record high temperatures are expected, especially in Texas. Meanwhile, a strong cold front moving through the Central U.S. will produce severe thunderstorms from the Upper Mississippi Valley to the south-central High Plains.  (Tue)

Top 25:  Largest Steer & Heifer Strings

The largest steer and heifer string sold on Tuesday was 271 heifers (764#) from West Plains, Missouri at $128.00.  The second largest string was 199 steers (859#) from Fredonia, Kansas at $136.75.  The average price paid for the largest steer and heifer strings sold on Tuesday was $130.85.

Ozarks Regional Stockyard (West Plains, Missouri): Top 25 Steer & Heifer Strings

The largest string sold on Tuesday from at Ozarks Regional Stockyard was 271 heifers (764#) at $128.00.  The second largest string sold on Tuesday from Ozarks Regional was 87 heifers (661#) at $129.50.  The average price paid for top strings sold on Tuesday from Ozarks Regional Stockyard was $131.54.

Pasture conditions drop to 36% good to excellent

Thirty six percent (36%) of the pasture in the United States is rated as good or excellent, compared to 41% last week and 68% last year.  Thirty four percent (34%) of the pasture in the United States is rated as fair, compared to 31% last week and 24% last year.  Thirty percent (30%) of the pasture in the United States is rated as poor or very poor, compared to 28% last week and 8% last year.

CATTLE FLASH:  USDA estimates daily cattle slaughter at 119,000 head, compared to 119,000 last week and 122,000 last year (Tue)

CATTLE FLASH:   Steady Cash Trade Underway in South... In what is a disappoint, negotiated cash cattle are trading at $95 in Kansas and Texas this morning, two majors participating. Many had called for cash to gain another $1 this week. Despite optimism, market-ready fed cattle supplies are still significantly backlogged after 8 weeks of severe slaughter disruption (The Beef)

DAILY DROP:   The hide and offal value was estimated at $6.93, unchanged from Monday  (Tue)

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