World’s First Public Feed-Efficiency Database Launches

Residual feed intake (RFI) EPDs help producers compare cattle across breeds and select for feed efficiency genetics.

CALGARY, Alberta, – GrowSafe Systems Ltd. announces the inaugural release of The 2020 Top 150 Proven Bulls. The first-time public release includes all bulls with a 0.6 accuracy rating for their RFI EPD with either data collected by GrowSafe technology or three-generation pedigrees from tested animals.

“We’re delighted to share this elite list of high accuracy bulls which are a testament to the breeding programs within the GrowSafe Network. We would like to thank our network of producers who made this possible by agreeing for their data to be made public.” said Gareth Llewellyn, chief executive officer, GrowSafe Systems. “The beef industry is changing and facing more pressure than ever before. Our aim at GrowSafe is to help producers respond to new threats by providing the data that can help create a sustainable beef industry.”

GrowSafe’s feed efficiency database is the world’s largest multi-breed repository with over 238,530 individual EPD animals. More than 150 producers from across 13 countries have collected phenotypes from 64,757 animals using GrowSafe technology.

“Our standardized trial protocols and strict data analysis procedures enable us to provide consistent data across breeds and the globe.” said Nicky Lansink, Research Analyst, GrowSafe Systems.

Phenotypic data is captured through the use of GrowSafe Beef and Feed Intake technology. The Feed Intake technology measures feed disappearance every second an animal is feeding, each time an animal feeds, to a 10-gram resolution. GrowSafe Beef non-invasively measures individual animal partial body weights and watering behavior, while animals drink at a water trough. The technology weighs every second an animal is standing at the trough, which can mean an average of 45 weights, 8-10 times per day.

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About GrowSafe

GrowSafe Systems Ltd. builds advanced animal agriculture systems to help producers optimize their operations. GrowSafe’s advanced data acquisition platform features integrated hardware and software analytics that provide producers with data to make better decisions for their operations. Today, GrowSafe is helping to raise more efficient, environmentally friendly and healthier animals in 22 U.S. states, seven Canadian provinces and on farms in Mexico, Panama, Australia, Brazil, Uruguay, Namibia, South Africa, New Zealand, Russia and across Europe.