Vaccination Can Lock Out BRD on Arrival

Program including INFORCE 3® leads to better herd health for Kansas cattleman


In Allen, Kansas, Brian Keith leads a diversified cattle business with cattle sourced from a

variety of places and grown for many purposes and customers. His success depends on

managing the stress cattle experience from transportation and co-mingling.


So, Keith started administering INFORCE 3® respiratory vaccine and ONE SHOT® BVD to cattle

on arrival, based on the advice of his veterinarian and a consultant from Zoetis. The difference it

made against helping prevent respiratory illness and bovine respiratory disease (BRD) was


“We’ve gotten along a lot better with it ever since,” said Keith, who operates Keith Cattle

Company along with his wife, Lisa and their son and daughter-in-law, Justin and Kelsey, and

two additional full-time staff and some part-time help.


Preventing BRD

BRD is the No. 1 cause of death across all classes of cattle, including stocker and feedlot
cattle.1 It increases labor and medication costs and accounts for $1 billion in losses due to
forfeited production.2,3


However, like others using INFORCE 3 along with ONE SHOT BVD, Keith helps provide his
cattle with complete protection against key respiratory diseases.4,5 In addition to administering it
to cattle sourced from elsewhere, Keith uses INFORCE 3 at branding on all home-raised calves
at Keith Cattle Company — it’s the first product they get, he said. Keith said he’s noticed a
better response in those calves to respiratory vaccines, a better level of immunity and generally
improved respiratory health.4


Reduce illness and reduce the need to treat

The numbers support the success INFORCE 3® can offer by preventing respiratory illness and
reducing treatments for bovine respiratory disease.


    • Immunosuppressed cattle demonstrated equivalent or greater innate and adaptive local

      immune responses to infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) than those vaccinated up to

     12 days before stressful events.5
   • High-risk cattle vaccinated on arrival with INFORCE 3 and ONE SHOT® BVD

     demonstrated a 41% reduction in second BRD treatments and a 45% reduction in third

     BRD treatments compared with calves that received Vista® Once SQ.6  


Cattle producers can also have confidence that INFORCE 3 delivers at least six months of
immunity against IBR in addition to preventing bovine respiratory syncytial virus respiratory


Consult your veterinarian about how to design a vaccination program to protect your cattle from
respiratory disease challenges. And visit for full details about
INFORCE 3 and the potential it offers for your herd.