Truth in Labeling. It's one of the most contentious issues in the industry, and has remained one of USCA’s top priorities. Now, as we work as an industry together on COVID-19 recovery and response, as well as ongoing efforts to fix our markets, we also continue our work to ensure accurate and truthful labeling of all U.S. beef products.

USCA's founding members were the original proponents for mandatory country-of-origin labeling and aggressively fought against its repeal in 2015.

But now, with the program wiped clean from the books at USDA, how can we ensure that products bearing a U.S. label truly are "Made in America"?

Join us next Tuesday, April 14th for a Horn Wrap Call dedicated exclusively to finding a pathway forward for truth in labeling on domestic beef products. We will discuss past efforts, and efforts currently underway, to restore integrity to the "U.S. Beef" label.

All are welcome to participate , regardless of association affiliation. The industry deserves a clear, attainable pathway forward and we hope this call brings us closer to consensus. 

USCA Horn Wrap Call 
Tuesday, April 14th
6am PT | 7am MT | 8am CT| 9am ET 
Dial: 866-254-5984
No passcode needed.