Top 5 Reasons You Should Attend the National Red Angus Convention




If you're in the cattle business, you probably have a goal of producing better cattle that are more profitable and efficient. However, sitting at home on the sidelines won't bring forward progress to your herd. You have to get in the game to score, and there's no better opportunity right now than attending the National Red Angus Convention in Boise, Idaho, next Wednesday through Friday.

There’s still time to make plans to attend this premier event. You won’t want to miss these highlights!


1.     Join the major league with more knowledge. From the Commercial Cattlemen's Symposium to convention workshops, the schedule is power packed with topics including feeder calves, cull cows, feed efficiency, association management, generational transfers, bull sale marketing, record keeping, foot and udder scoring, branding and more.


2.     Play offense with the latest in products and technology. The trade show will feature 23 companies exhibiting the latest in livestock equipment, animal handling, health, feed, fencing and allied industry information. The products and services exhibited at this show could be a game changer in your operation.


3.     Get motivated by special guest speakers. From a life changing car wreck to a determination to live better to a zeal for life, this year's speakers will move you down the field with their heartfelt stories, inspirational messages and words of wisdom. You won't want to miss hearing Carey Portell, Kiah Twisselman Burchett and Lance Pekus light up the room with their real-life stories of triumph and success.


4.     Get coached by industry-leading professionals and ranchers. There's no better way to learn about the cattle business than to listen to others who are successfully doing it. From hallway discussions, to dinner table conversations to face-to-face contact, you'll gain tips at a different level by sharing stories with others and being able to ask burning questions you may have.


5.     It's a chance to let down and have some fun with like-minded people. There's nothing more refreshing than spending time with folks who share similar interests. It's been too long since we enjoyed face-to-face camaraderie so we're going to make sure this year's convention is fun for all. The scenic views from the City of Trees will provide a beautiful backdrop for an evening overlooking the Boise State University football field. You can let loose and dance the night away to the sounds of the Cliff Miller Band. Network with fellow breeders and just enjoy yourself by making memories that will last a lifetime!


The National Red Angus Convention will be a home run for all who attend. Join us for this special event next week by signing up today at