Red Angus Shares Valuable Insight on Bull Development

DENVER – Growing and developing young bulls continues to be an ever-evolving process. How these bulls are raised has a huge impact on their success and longevity as they serve in commercial cowherds around the nation. As genetics change and are better characterized through genomically enhanced EPDs, seedstock producers are able to make more accurate bull development decisions. The Red Angus Association of America has authored an industry-focused white paper to provide seedstock breeders with greater understanding and perspective on the bull development process.

“Why All the Fat Bulls?" is available exclusively at and explores insights gathered from bull sales across the nation, as well as data garnered from breeder surveys. Registered bull producers that are aware of and attentive to the traits and development practices desired by their customers will only add to their success. Correct balancing of body condition, structural correctness and fertility is achievable in bull development. However, good planning and execution are needed to get the job done right. As genetics, technology and resources evolve, so will development systems, nutrition programs and demand criteria of bull development.

“Bull development is an important topic, both for our breeders and commercial cow-calf producers,” said Tom Brink, RAAA CEO. “Our team addresses many of the critical issues via this white paper, which should assist those who want to make sure their bulls are grown right and are ready for sale day.”

Red Angus recognizes the importance of moving the industry forward, thus a white paper on this important subject can offer valuable perspective concerning how seedstock producers should approach bull development now and in the coming years. "Why All the Fat Bulls?" can be downloaded from, free of charge. Questions or interview requests should be directed to Brandi Buzzard Frobose, RAAA director of communications, at




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