Red Angus CEO Engages Summer Biking Challenge to Raise Funds for JRA

In the name of summer fun and youth, the Red Angus Association of America is announcing a campaign to raise funds for Junior Red Angus members. Tom Brink, CEO, has pledged to attempt a bicycle ride of 60 miles on his 60th birthday as a fundraiser for the junior fund of the Red Angus Foundation, Inc.

On July 25, Tom Brink will set out to bike 60 miles in support of Junior Red Angus members and to raise funds for their advancement and growth in the beef industry. The junior fund is a restricted fund under RAFI; disbursements from which must support the Junior Red Angus Association’s annual budget and other approved Red Angus youth activities. Such activities include Round-Up, Young Stockman Program, college scholarships and professional development events such as traveling to the Cattle Industry Convention.

“As the years pass, it becomes more about supporting the younger generation and helping them grow and develop in every way possible. As long as my old football-injured knee holds out, my intention is to complete as many of the 60 miles as possible during the daylight hours of July 25, on behalf of the kids,” Brink said.

Interested followers can see Brink’s biking progress by following the Red Angus Facebook page or the Red Angus Instagram account: @redangusamerica.

Supporters can contribute to the fundraiser through Facebook or via check made out to RAFI (please write “junior fund” in the subject line). Pledges per mile are also accepted at the national office after the challenge is completed – please contact Halla Pfeiff for those pledges at

Gifts of any size are appreciated – all donations will be funneled directly to the junior fund to support JRA members and endeavors. To learn more about RAFI and the junior fund, visit