Little Creek Cattle Inc.


Little Creek Cattle, Inc. was established in 1992. We focus on producing Fleckvieh Simmental seed stock. This breed was selected because of it's adaptability to our environment, milk production and mothering ability, and the ability to wean increased pounds of beef. Our normal inventory is 200 brood cows. Part of the cow inventory is commercial cows which are used as embryo recipients. Many of these cows are Fleckvieh-Red Angus crosses. These cross bred cows have proven to be a tremendous asset. Our production goal is for two-thirds of our calves to be Fleckvieh Simmental calves. We retain heifers each year to replace cows lost to normal attrition.

Little Creek Cattle, Inc. (LCF) was established in 1992.  Our primary focus is producing high quality Fleckvieh Simmental cattle.  The Fleckvieh strain of Simmental cattle originated in the Bavarian area of Germany and Austria.  Flecks are truly a dual purpose breed; highly valued for their ability to produce white table quality beef as well as milk that is high in milk solids, especially butter fat.  Fleckvieh Simmental cattle are one of the most adaptive breeds of all cattle.  They are found worldwide in all climates proving their adaptability.

LCF also has utilized a small number of 1A Red Angus cows for the production of select Red Angus and Fleck-Angus offspring.  Fleckvieh, Red Angus and the Fleck-Red Angus cross  were chosen because of their adaptability to our environment, milk production, mothering ability, and to wean increased pounds of beef.  We have also begun a small purebred Simmental initiative that will emphasize the Fleckvieh influence on purebred Simmental cattle.

LCF’s average inventory is 200 brood cows.  A significant number of the inventory is used as embryo recipients.  Many of these recipients are Fleck-Angus cows that prove the value of crossing the two breeds.

During the Magnolia Classic, the Red Angus heifers are offered for sale privately from the farm. Visit Us Today.