Krogman Quarter Horses and Paints

Krogman's Paint & Quarter Horses is a family operation located in the heart of    Western South Dakota.  It is headed up by Blaine Krogman and his wife Louann, with help from their children, Kirby, Haley and Hilary.  Since 1976 these horses have been raised by family, with a strong hand and a love of both horses and the land that is generations deep. 

Horsemanship comes naturally as Blaine is the son of Clarence Krogman, the third generation to grow up loving these rolling hills and the strength and beauty that is the western paint and quarter horse.  Growing up on working ranches helps to train the quality horses bred here up right as they learn every aspect of the operation from chasing a cow to bringing their rider home after a long day's work.  It's been a long symbiotic relationship between horse and rider that you can only find on the Dakota Prairies.

Quarter Horse History....

In 1976 we purchased some bred quarter horse mares going back to King and Leo.  We then purchased a stallion who was a grandson of Two Eyed Jack.  The next few years followed with purchases of more mares and we started to keep some of the better fillies out of the new foals. 

We then purchased a stallion from Uncle Louie Krogman, Krog's Laddy.  He was powerful, lots of body and bone!  He was very nice headed and had a great disposition.  His sire was Leo 3, a well known horse that ran AAA, and known for his heavy bodied colts which made top ranch and area horses.  Laddy proved to be a great cross with Two Eyed Jack's daughters.  There are still Laddy daughters in the broodmare band and they have proven to be the kind everyone likes.

We are trying to combine color, confirmation and disposition with working horse bloodlines.  Disposition is very important to us.  Any mare that does not have the right attitude is culled.  We aer also trying to put a lot of color in our horses. 

Our Senior Sire, Krog Classy Cowboy, is a gray son of Redmonunt Blue (Going back to Robert Redford).  The next three generations back on Cowboy's pedigree on his sire's side are all blue roan.  Cowboy throws an awful lot of color.  Approximately 90% of his offspring have been blue roan or gray with the balance being red roan, dun or grullo.  We are riding some of his colts now and they have a super disposition and will ride with the best.

My Casino Quincy is a red roan son of Blueboy Quincy, going back to Sir Quincy Dan.  Blueboy Quincy is a 16 hand blue roan horse who excelled in the arena.  Casino also throws a lot of color, red and blue roans.  Most have lots of chrome as he has four stocking legs and a bald face.  Casino has a super disposition and passes it on to his foals. 

A new addition in 1997 was a buckskin stallion going back to Two Eyed Jack and Boston Mac on his top side and his mother goes back to Sugar Bars, we happily welcome NJAS Silver Bars to the herd!  We do not think you could put a prettier head on a horse and his disposition can not be beat.    We are looking forward to the foals out of him!

Paint Horse History....

Many years ago Clarence Krogman purchased a black and white tobiano stallion.  We mixed him in with all our quarter horse mares and all the foals came out spotted.  He is Homozygous it turns out!  The stallion is King Leo San #118134 who was by Leo San Man #2400 by Leo San Siemon QH#124417. 

We kept quite a few fillies out of King Leo San in our broodmare band and today approximately half of our paint mares are sisters, sired by this horse.  These mares have a world of disposition and lots of color, with many being black and white.  They are a dream to ride and really watch a cow.  There are many geldings that we have raised being used for ranch and rodeo use, and we've been told by many ranchers they are as "cowy" as anything they have ever been on. 

Our paint stallion that we are currently using is a brown overo, Gumbo Gus.  He is a big horse with lots of speed in his background.  We have only had a few colt crops out of Gus, but they seem to have a lot of brains and a nice disposition already!  I think he will be a good horse on our mares and I am looking forward to riding some horses out of Gus. 

These horses will work  in any phase of the business you ask of them, arena, pleasure, halter or anything you need them for.  If you are looking for top quality foundation bred Paint Horses, then check us out.  We are sure we can help you get the horse you need. Visit us today!