Jones Beefmasters

Jones Beefmasters is a seedstock Beefmaster breeder from West Tennessee specializing in raising top quality Beefmaster cattle. We have a passion and love for Beefmasters unmatched in our industry. We share the competitive spirit and determination required to breed and produce superior seedstock cattle that perform in every aspect of the purebred and commercial industry. Since the mid-1980s our motto has been “Quality is a Powerful Thing” and we strive each day to produce problem-free cattle that have the ability to perform in real-world conditions.

Jones Beefmasters cattle are consistently among the top performers in all economic traits, measuring in the top of the breed for birth, weaning and yearling weights. Every animal at Jones Beefmasters has been evaluated for carcass merit and our bulls are trait leaders in IMF and ribeye.

Strong maternal genetics have been the key to our success as our maternal EPD for milk consistency ranks at the top of the breed. Each animal branded with the CJ brand has value in visual quality, pedigree, performance, EPDs and carcass traits.

Over the years Jones Beefmasters has won Bull Futurities and Female Futurities, has served leadership roles in BBU, and supported and represented the Beefmaster industry around the world. Being awarded the Breeder of the Year and inducted in the Hall of Fame showcases the credibility Jones Beefmasters represents. Considered a “legendary breeder that talks the talk and walks the walk,” Jones Beefmasters is totally committed to the Beefmaster Breed and to our customers who have been the key to our many years of success.

CJSire Power You Can Trust

Never underestimate the genetic power and performance of your herd sire. Selecting a herd sire for your cowherd is one of the most important decisions you make in your operation. Your herd sire will be on your ranch for 3 to 5 years and will contribute one-half of the genetic makeup to your upcoming calf crops. Plus that sire should improve your herd’s genetic superiority beyond both the cows in the herd and previous bulls you used. How do you make the decision on what bull is right for you? What bull is going to move you forward the fastest? It can be a tough, time-consuming job to select that right sire, but that’s why Jones Beefmasters is a leading sire producer…to make your herd sire selection an easy process.

Jones Beefmasters’ branded bull development program (CJSire) starts with listening to breeders around the country who want powerful and proven genetics. We have built our reputation on the proven success of our breeding programs from the Purebred Breeder to the Beef Packer. If you’re a Purebred breeder or a Commercial Producer, consider selecting a CJSire that adds value for multi-trait excellence. We are one of the leading Beefmaster breeders and have been measuring our cattle for decades.

CJSire Battery is based in high accuracy EPDs, carcass merit, proven genetics, efficiency, longevity, structural soundness, good disposition, and good health protocol. Rest assured that when you unload your CJSire at your ranch, your new bull is going to be fertile, functional, vigorous, athletic, efficient and cost-effective in any environment.

Jones Beefmasters knows the quickest way to make genetic improvement in your herd is to select and buy the right herd sire. Jones Beefmasters develops sires to meet our customers’ needs and to maximize your profitability now and in the future. Contact us today to discuss the right CJSire for your operation.

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