Hilltop Angus Farm

Hilltop Angus is located in the rangeland of north central South Dakota.  Hilltop's base cow herd of approximately 400 purebred Angus cows is an extensively managed and heavily culled herd of cows that is raised under rugged South Dakota conditions to ensure their productivity in any commercial or purebred operation.

Throughout the years, we have managed our genetics through an extensive AI program.  This has allowed us to manage genetics to fit our maternal stronghold while producing superior quality herd bulls that will fit into any commercial herd or purebred operation.

Hilltop Angus Farm was established by Morris and Allene Eisenbeisz in 1956 when they bought their first purebred Angus cows.  In 1976, Blake joined them in the Hilltop Angus business and began production testing with AHIR.  Their first Hilltop Angus Production Sale was held in 1978 at the Bowdle Livestock sale barn. The sale was held at this facility for 3 years until Blake and Morris built a new sale barn on Blake‚Äôs farm one mile south of Bowdle.  Morris, Allene, Blake and Glenda Eisenbeisz have continued the production sales, with the 42nd sale taking place in February 2020. They have been joined by Blake Jr. and Jordre Eisenbeisz.  
Sale time is a family affair with Blake Jr.and Jordre Eisenbeisz, Lyle & Brooke (Eisenbeisz) Heilman, Paige and Seth Hanson,  and Doug & Hope Larson assisting annually on sale day.  Morris passed away in 2009, but had helped feed the cows until a few months before his death.  Everyone recognized Morris as the man that could make anyone laugh.  He was a prosperous cattleman that was well known throughout the industry for many years. 
The farm is solely a family operation.  Blake and son, Blake Jr., handle all the livestock as well as the day to day work around the place, while Glenda takes care of all the paperwork and recordkeeping, sale time preparations, advertising, and marketing for the bull sale and throughout the year.

Blake's family has stayed involved in agriculture in some way or another for the most part.  Brooke married Lyle Heilman who is farming and ranching with his father in the Bowdle area, while Brooke works as CFO for the Bowdle Healthcare Center. Their sons are Isaiah and Jeremiah. Paige and Seth Hanson currently live in Cooperstown, ND where she is a paralegal, and working on a degree as a court reporter. Seth is a self-employed contractor. The newest member of the Hilltop Angus family is their daughter Luella, born 1/12/20.  Blake Jr. attended South Dakota State University,  where he pursued a bachelors degree in Animal Science and was a member of the SDSU Livestock Judging Team.  Following his graduation in 2014, he came to work at Hilltop Angus Farm. His wife, Jordre, became a part of the family in 2016.  She works as a registered nurse at the Bowdle Hospital. They have a daughter Miley Grace.  Allene stayed busy as a 4-H club leader for over 50 years. In the past, she was in charge of much of the recordkeeping for the Hilltop operation.

On February 19, 2020 we will be hosting our 42nd annual production sale at the ranch 1 mile south of Bowdle, South Dakota along Edmunds County Road #1.  We will be selling 82 yearling bulls and 32 open purebred Angus heifers, two of which are registered.  We at Hilltop Angus Farm would like to thank all of our past customers and appreciate the interest of any potential customers and cattlemen for their interest in our genetics.  Visitors are welcome any time. Come See Us Today