Merck Animal Health's SENSEHUB Feedlot Takes Top Award As Best New Food Animal Product

Merck Animal Health won Best New Food Animal Product for its SENSEHUB® Feedlot technology. The technology utilizes an electronic ear tag with a flashing LED light to make it easier for pen riders to correctly identify and pull potentially sick animals.

MADISON, N.J., - Merck Animal Health, known as MSD Animal Health outside of the United States and Canada, a division of Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, N.J., USA (NYSE:MRK), announced today SENSEHUB Feedlot, the company's technology that provides real-time data to detect potentially sick cattle earlier, more efficiently and accurately than traditional visual observation, has been awarded the Best New Food Animal Product from S&P Global Animal Health.

SENSEHUB Feedlot technology allows cattle producers and feedlot operators to proactively track an animal's biometrics and behavioral data through a non-invasive cattle ear tag, equipped with sensors, to monitor cattle temperature and movement.

"Being recognized with this award is a testament to our people throughout our company- from research and development to manufacturing to sales," said Shannon Kellner, vice president, U.S. Livestock Business, Merck Animal Health. "Our strong pipeline brings together innovative solutions from biopharmaceuticals and technology solutions to help our customers improve the health of their animals and bring efficiency to their operations. We are proud to continually be recognized as a transformative leader in the animal health industry."

Past Merck Animal Health products that have been honored include the IDAL portfolio technology, PORCILIS Lawsonia intramuscular vaccine for piglets, NOBILIS SALENVAC ETC and WHISPER ON ARRIVAL. Additionally, Merck Animal Health was named Best Animal Health Company, North America in 2021.

"SENSEHUB Feedlot features an illuminating LED light that makes it easy to identify and sort cattle needing attention with less labor and minimal disruption to other animals," said Jeroen van de Ven, DVM, vice president, Technology Solutions, Merck Animal Health. "It is the only automated monitoring ear-tag product on the market for use in feedlots as well as stocker and backgrounding production systems."

The development of SENSEHUB Feedlot, one of the technological solutions that Merck Animal Health has developed through the acquisition of Quantified Ag, a Nebraska-based early start-up acquired in 2020, reflects approximately eight years of development work. Its development encompassed numerous animal studies, data analysis, the building of hardware and software applications, manufacturing processes and customer experience and feedback efforts.

SENSEHUB Feedlot offers those who manage and care for cattle additional data to help them detect potential illness. Cattle's defense mechanisms mean they often hide symptoms of illness, making it very challenging for even experienced pen riders to find sick animals. SENSEHUB Feedlot assists the pen rider by providing additional and precise information. Animals can be identified earlier, so they can be pulled, evaluated and, if necessary, treated more quickly.

"Merck Animal Health continues to dominate this Best New Food category as a leader in bringing differentiated products to the market. The company is building quite a reputation for winning this award multiple times, which is a testament to innovation within the livestock area and continued developments for the customer," said Joseph Harvey, head of S&P Global Animal Health. S&P Global provides essential financial information and analytics, including specific commodity coverage, to businesses globally.

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Source: Merck Animal Health news release