Maximize grazing season with long-duration implants

Get more days of performance, no matter the forage type 

The number of studies demonstrating the success of long-duration implants keeps adding up. Data from three separate studies showed 11-, 15- and 20-pound advantages over conventional implants.1,2,3

Additionally, no matter what forage type you have available, these results show that Synovex® One Grass provides up to 200 days of uninterrupted performance during the grazing period.1,2,3

“We now have study results that demonstrate a long-duration implant provides a performance benefit across multiple forage types and in a variety of regions of the country,” said Gary Sides, PhD, cattle nutritionist, Cattle Strategic Technical Services, Zoetis. “Our data from three separate studies supports the performance opportunity — and ultimately added profit — long-duration implants can provide.”

A recent study showed that Synovex One Grass provided a 15-pound advantage over a conventional duration implant, Revalor®-G. In the study, 387 steers were grazed on Oklahoma wheat pasture for 212 days. The steers were broken into two groups — half implanted with Revalor-G and the other with Synovex One Grass. Steers implanted with Synovex One Grass had:

•     An average of 15 pounds more gain than steers implanted with Revalor-G

•     Improved average daily gain at 2.61 pounds per day compared with the Revalor-G group, which had 2.54 pounds of gain per day1 


Those additional pounds can add up to real dollars at sale time. Based on current market prices, those extra 15 pounds can equal a $17.48 profit advantage for Synovex One Grass over Revalor-G.*

Other recent studies underscore the benefits of long-duration implants in the grazing period. One study looked at steers grazing  native grass in California for 192 days. The steers receiving a long-duration implant had a 62-pound advantage over nonimplanted animals and an 11-pound advantage over steers implanted with Revalor-G2. Similarly, an Oklahoma study demonstrated a 20-pound advantage per head on steers implanted with Synovex One Grass when compared with cattle receiving Revalor-G or Encore®.3

“The unique polymer barrier coating system on Synovex One Grass enables a slow, consistent release of active ingredients throughout the grazing period,” said Dr. Sides. “A long-duration implant means producers don’t have to worry about losing days of performance and can realize more flexibility for their operation to meet labor or market changes.”

With almost seven months of enhanced performance and the ability to use one implant for steers and heifers, Synovex One Grass — and Synovex® One Feedlot, its counterpart for feedlot operations — offer the operational flexibility cattle producers need.

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 Do not use SYNOVEX products in veal calves. Refer to label for complete directions for use, precautions, and warnings.

Source: Zoetis