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Ag Community Relief, DVAuction, OBP Help Youth Sell Their Livestock, In Wake Of Cancelled Fairs
Otisville, MI - Youth livestock shows, and fairs are continuing to be cancelled or postponed due to the impact of COVID-19. Ag Community Relief is working hand-in-hand with partners to continue access for youth to sell their livestock and to assist in funding for their future.

Saw this hopper by Pittwood today (@FredButt6)

Monford of Colorado  was the largest single cattle feedlot in the USA in the 70’s.  Ken Monford ran it and the packing plant.  They ran Colorful Big KW’s delivering Beef across the nation.  Y the passing lane was the Monford Lane

Bassett Livestock (Bassett, Nebraska):  Top 25 Steer & Heifer Strings
The largest string sold on Wednesday at Bassett Livestock was 145 steers (770#) at $129.50.  The second largest string was 122 steers (850#) at $122.35.  The average price paid on Wednesday for the top 25 strings at Bassett Livestock was $152.46.

Watch for Heat Stress, Summer Pneumonia in Beef Cattle
Summers usually are mild in North Dakota, compared with the southern states, but hot, humid days do occur in North Dakota and can be dangerous and even deadly for cattle.

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Forage Management and Cow Size
Increased Hay Production per Cow: The increased use of the round baler and other hay production technologies since the early and mid-1970s (Van Keuren, OARDC –  The History of the Development of the Large Round Bale) has lowered the labor requirement and increased the convenience of hay production. 

Evaluate Body Condition Going into Breeding Season
The green grass, sun, and cattle on pasture are signs that summer is in full swing and that breeding season is just around the corner for many commercial cow-calf operations. 

Merck Animal Health Earn rebate $$$ with Safe-Guard
Make sure your cattle are performing to their potential this summer by taking advantage of the Safe-Guard “Double Down on Parasites” Rebate offer. And, there is no need to gather your cattle to deworm them, just utilize a Safe-Guard Feed, Free Choice Mineral or Block formulation and deworm them on the pasture. 

Female Reproductive Traits and Their Heritabilities in Beef Cattle
Biological and economical efficiencies of cow-calf production are largely dependent on successful reproduction. Improvements in reproductive performance can be up to 4-fold more important than improvements in end-product traits in a conventional cow-calf operation selling market calves at weaning. 

NBW STREAMING: Bluegrass South Livestock Market (Stanford, KY) (WATCH LIVE)

National Drought Monitor
Precipitation fell across much of the northern tier states and the eastern half of the CONUS this week. Much of the eastern United States has experienced increased dryness over the past 30-60 days and above normal temperatures.

Sunrise at the KState Stocker Unit!  (Joe Dedrickson)