Auction Market Owners Share Issues With Lawmakers

Livestock Marketing Association brings boots-on-the-ground effort to D.C. in the pre-dawn of the nation’s COVID crisis.

COVID-19 and its associated economic destruction sent livestock markets into a nosedive in recent days. As auction market owners and producers scramble to adjust, federal and state government officials craft support measures.

The Livestock Marketing Association says now, more than ever, it’s important for lawmakers to understand the issues faced at livestock auction markets.

In this report from LMA, we go to Washington, D.C., where — just before the arrival of COVID — a constituency of market owners arrived to share their story.

On March 8, Washington, D.C. — like the rest of the country — was a much different place.

Days before COVID-19 halted the nation, a group of nearly 30 auction market owners from places like Elk City, Oklahoma, gathered in the capital as part of the Livestock Marketing Association’s annual DC Fly-In. 

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