Animal Extremists Publish Addresses Of Thousands Of Animal Enterprise Facilities On New Website

New website shares not only physical addresses but also gps coordinates to nearly 30,000 locations associated with animal enterprises such as farms and ranches, zoos, animal research facilities and beyond.

Alleen Brown published an article in The Intercept on May 31, 2020, regarding the newly presented "Project Counterglow". The Intercept is an independent online news publication that describes itself as "fearless, adversarial journalism that holds the powerful accountable". Brown states that Project Counterglow is meant to offer a "rare bird's-eye view of the scale of the industry" (specifically referring to animal agriculture).

Project Counterglow is an animal extremist website that shows an interactive map with the physical addresses and gps coordinates of more than 27,500 large modern farms and animal agriculture facilities. There are 5812 of these locations identified using satellite imagery and many of these locations do not appear in public records.

The map "pins" show farms with dairy, meat, poultry (meat and eggs), pigs, processing plants (some of which are cultural and ethnic plants), fur, zoos, horse facilities, and medical research facilities throughout the U.S.

Project Counterglow's website should raise any farmer or rancher's hackles. We, at Protect The Harvest, wanted to give you a head's up and introduce this latest weapon offered by animal extremist groups.

Source: Protect the Harvest