Seven States Introduce Legislation Banning Consumer’s option to purchase Animals from Pet Stores

Could Livestock Sale Barns Be Next?

Grover, Missouri (AgPR) Jan. 31, 2020 — Legislation has been introduced in seven state legislatures which would completely prohibit the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits. To date, these states include Washington, Colorado, New Hampshire, New York, Florida, and Virginia.

These pet sale bans impose serious health and safety risks in these states by directing consumers to source their family pet from shelters and rescues which are exempt from regulatory oversight that is required of breeders who source animals in pet stores.

Unlike pet stores, shelters and rescues do not typically carry general liability insurance to protect their consumers which is an insurance nightmare waiting to happen, especially with the influx of nearly 1 million dogs imported each year to the U.S. from foreign countries to fill our shelters.

Banning the sale of animals in pet stores sets a dangerous precedent and opens the barn door wide open for animal rights groups to introduce legislation in the future to ban the sale of livestock animals in sale barns, live animal auctions, or livestock shows.

Mindy Patterson, President of The Cavalry Group, stated, “These bans on the sale of animals in pet stores are crafted and driven by animal rights groups with an emotionally based agenda while lawmakers sign on to carry these bans either without realizing the true agenda behind the legislation or they are willing accomplices to the animal rights agenda.”

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